Blockchain Gaming Industry Trends

Blockchain technology – a new era in the gaming industry

The Bitcoin and blockchain technology it uses have so many benefits that the number of fields that use it is growing continuously. Some modern industries such as online shopping, investment, crowdfunding, and plenty of other fields are hard to imagine without blockchain. For example, any Bitcoin casino site that is widespread within the online gambling industry uses blockchain daily.

Explaining the blockchain system in simple words, it can be described as a wide net of special computers that are named “nodes.” These computers are continuously exchanging data on a peer-to-peer basis sending each other relevant signals. To verify each transaction of data people who operate these nodes, who are called “miners,” have to resolve unique puzzles. Once the puzzle is solved, the transaction is confirmed and added to a chain as a “block.” Miners who operate nodes are awarded a small amount of cryptocurrency for each transaction verification.

The use of blockchain in gaming is widespread because the technology of blockchain helps to prevent users’ data from lacking and guarantees anonymity that is essential for online gaming. Among popular e-gaming types that are possible with blockchain are:

  • Different types of card games
  • Game apps
  • Virtual reality and many others.

Blockchain Gambling

However, more and more industries are implementing blockchain in their regular business activities, blockchain gambling remains the largest segment of blockchain use today.

Bitcoin is perfect for gambling as you can play Bitcoin games safely. A high level of transaction security within blockchain makes it an almost unbeatable competitor to fiat currencies continuously replacing them in online casinos. Here are more of the Bitcoin casino site benefits:

  • Fast transactions. Blockchain’s speed is very high. Bitcoin transactions are made within 10 minutes. For bank payments, the process takes 3-5 days that is becoming more and more inappropriate in a fast modern world
  • Bonuses. When you play Bitcoin games you get the lowest house edges and special rates as well as numerous bonuses and special offers.  That becomes possible because casinos are interested in engaging more Bitcoin players.
  • Anonymity. Blockchain payments provide anonymity. For gambling, it means that players from all over the world can join the casino platform avoiding any restrictions.

Blockchain games new trends

The market of blockchain games is growing very fast implementing new gaming trends. Among such trends are:

  • Real-time strategy games or RTS. These games are getting more popular nowadays, especially in 2020, thanks to continuous lockdowns all over the world. RTS allows players to interact in real-time and play simultaneously instead of for their turn to play.
  • Massively multiplayer online games (MMO). A variation of RPS that allows a big number of players to be currently engaged in the game process.
  • Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) – the variety of MMO that allows role-playing in different modifications depending on the particular game or game mode.

Concluding it is obvious that the blockchain gaming industry trends number is growing making blockchain more and more popular. Gambling is one of the industries where blockchain is in demand. This tendency will definitely proceed to develop and grow.

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