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Microsoft, AMD, Intel and Qualcomm release Microsoft Pluton Security processor

Together with partners, the company unveiled a chip with the “chip-cloud” technology first implemented in the Xbox One and Azure Sphere. The integrated hardware solution improves cyber security by integrating Microsoft Pluton IP into AMD processors.

As noted by the developers, Pluton eliminates the possibility of an attack on the communication channel between the central processing unit and the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) by providing security directly in the CPU. At first, computers will emulate TPMs, ensuring compatibility and operation with existing TPM specifications and APIs such as BitLocker and System Guard.

The chip does not allow the deletion of account data and personal information, user IDs, and encryption keys, even if the attackers have installed malware or have direct access to the device. At the same time, it uses Secure Hardware Cryptography Key (SHACK) technology, which helps to ensure that keys are never opened outside the protected hardware, even on the Pluton firmware itself.

system on chip

The company believes that such a structure of the security processor will significantly complicate the ability for attackers to hide their actions on the operating system, improve the ability to fend off physical attacks and prevent theft of credentials and encryption keys, and allow you to recover the system after software errors.

The process of updating the firmware will also be simplified using the cloud – via Windows Update, which will eliminate the need to deal with many different sources.

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